Burton Garage  

Burton Car Company has a professional workshop for your Burton. Special tools and good mechanics ensure that you save time and therefore money. The workshop is equipped with 7 axles, so that we can give your Burton the attention it needs. 
Burton Maintenance  

Experienced mechanics and good tools allow us to ensure professional and affordable maintenance of your Burton. Even customers outside the Netherlands are willing to come to Zutphen for our highly specialised and professional workshop. In our warehouse we always try to keep our stock up to date so that we can meet your demands. Does your Burton come out of the garage after the winter and does the car need to be prepared for the season?  Or do you drive your Burton all year round and requires maintenance? Then you've come to the right place!    

Ask for our advice, possibilities and prices here.


Hourly wage: € 69.00 including VAT 
Help in building your Burton  

Building a Burton is a true project. During this trial, there will undoubtedly be topics that make you think: "How does it work" or "I'm not going to start that" or "it doesn't work".  We're here for every Burton builder!   

For the enthusiast who sets off on his own but sometimes gets stuck on a small question or for the daredevil who has set off on this adventure without much building experience, you can always come to us for advice.  

You are revising your axes but it happens that you can't renew the pivots? Or are you busy fitting new rear brakes but you can't adjust them properly? In our construction manual (LINK) you will find everything you need to carry out the work. Is the construction manual not enough? In this case, our experienced team is always available by e-mail or telephone. Of course, this does not change the fact that you are always welcome in Zutphen!   

If a job becomes too big or too difficult, or if your free time is a little shorter than expected, we will be at your service in our workshop and will realise it for you.  Everything so that you can enjoy your own Burton adventure as quickly and pleasantly as possible! 

(Let us) build a Burton.

Our garage has 7 decks and professionals with whom we have already built a whole series of Burtons. Building a Burton (or having one built) is quite an effort. As we always say, there are several roads that lead to Rome. This also applies to the new construction of a Burton. If you don't feel like building a Burton on your own, a mechanic from our team is the solution for you. A new Burton can be considered an empty canvas.

The Burton can be designed entirely according to your wishes. You can think about the composition of the engine block, where we will talk about the size of the cylinders and the possibility to control the ignition by phone. If the technical part is refined, we can talk about the pattern and the colour of the upholstery. In short, we go through all the options from A to Z so that nothing is overlooked and we can build the perfect combination for you. We are looking forward to speak with you soon to help you realize your personal Burton dream.


Piedro Kohlmann