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Dare to dream and embark on the adventure. Build your own Burton, just the way you want it. Give tried-and-tested 2CV technology a second life and go on a life changing journey. Experience real driving, pure, honest and addictive. 

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  • Exciting driving experience

    Driving with all your senses.

    Rev up your trusty two-cylinder, feel the wind through your hair, sniff the blend of petrol and oil and feel how the engine keeps accelerating the lightweight Burton. There are those who think that a sports car should have at least 300 hp. Those people have never driven a Burton before. No high-tech ten-speed transmission can match the satisfaction of changing gears in a Burton, no modern car involves you in driving like a Burton does. Every corner is a party, every ride an adventure. Whether it's ten or ten thousand miles.

  • The rust-free classic

    Car love doesn't rust, neither does a Burton

    Thanks to the polyester body with gelcoat, a Burton always stays tight. Whether you drive to the North Cape or the Sahara. Our new chassis’ are also rustproof and ready for the adventure.

  • Simple and reliable

    Underneath the beautiful Burton body hides proven and simple 2CV technology.

    The air-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine may be small, but it doesn't shy away from a challenge. Over the past seventy years 2CV's and Burton's have managed to reach many remote places in the world. Not in spite of this, but thanks to their simple technology. What isn't on it can't break and what does break, you can almost always easily repair yourself.

  • Low maintenance costs

    Low maintenance costs, inexpensive insurance and little or no road tax.

    Have we already mentioned the fuel consumption of 1 litre for 20 kilometres? You buy a Burton with your heart, but if you are still looking for rational arguments to defend your purchase, the low costs are a big plus. Replacement parts can be bought from us at competitive prices and because of the simple technique you can often do repairs yourself.

  • You build, you decide.

    Build your Burton exactly the way you want it and you'll never meet the exact same car.

    Dare to stick your head above ground level and don't let yourself be slowed down by trivia like 'what will the neighbour think' or 'what does this do for the cars value'. Dare to build the car you have always dreamed of!

  • Lightweight

    A Burton only weighs 480 kilos and that makes it light-footed, economical and surprisingly smooth.

    Actually, it's bizarre that these days we drive around in cars that weigh over 1500 kilo. That can be different. A Burton only weighs 480 kilos and that makes it light-footed, economical and surprisingly smooth. And then the centre of gravity is also low in the car, which only enhances handling!

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