Fantastic driving performance

The driving performance of the Burton is what you would expect from a sports car. Its low weight of 500kg, the aerodynamic design and excellent handling make the Burton a perfect rally car. Driving in this nostalgic sports car is, therefore, truly an experience in itself. In Belgium, Burton even has its own racing team which drives the 24h of Franchorchamps.

Classic with A rating

The Burton is built on a 2CV chassis, which means the purchase costs, road tax, costs of spare parts and insurance are very low. However, a Burton drives differently to a 2CV. It brakes, accelerates and handles far better than a 2CV. You don’t need to worry about fuel consumption: with 1/20.7 fuel mileage the Burton is an extremely economical sports car. Rightfully, the Burton has enjoyed the title of ‘The only A rating classic’ for many years!

2CV parts specialist

Burton Car Company has grown into one of the largest 2CV parts suppliers in the world. Under the name Burton 2CV Parts we supply a great range of inexpensive parts of the best quality. We regularly share information films on our website so that you can see directly how to install new components.

The ultimate reuse for a 2CV

In the production of a Burton 99% of the old 2CV is reused and recycled. This means that precious raw materials are preserved and there is no additional burden on the environment. This has made the Burton a leading example of a closed loop product for many years. The electric version ‘Burton Electric’ is perhaps the most sustainable sports car in the world.

Lasting investment

The depreciation of a Burton is minimal compared to other sports cars. Maintenance costs, insurance, tax and fuel consumption are very low. The past few years have shown that the Burton is a stable investment which retains its value very well.

Self-build from € 4.299,-

Building one’s own sports car is an adventure you might have dreamt about as a little boy. Previously you lacked the courage, money and decision-making ability. Now you can decide for yourself about the fun things in life. Difficult? You do not have to be an experienced mechanic to build a Burton. With some common sense, a standard tool kit and manual you can build a Burton in 150 hours. The Burton Car Company team will be on hand with advice, assistance, tools and parts.

Hand-made from € 11.000,-

You can arrange for your Burton to be built - fully or partially - according to your own wishes. The many options and accessories available make it additionally appealing to assemble a unique Burton. Experienced mechanics ensure the construction and finishing of your Burton. Prices range between € 11,000 and € 25,000.