Burton: a nostalgic looking sportscar for daily use
Because the Burton is based on the chassis of the Citroën 2CV the fuel consumptions and costs of parts, tax and maintenance are low. The mechanical components of the 2CV are ideally suited for the Burton, because they are simple but effective. Citroën has built more than 5 million 2CV's in 45 years. Because of that, the 2CV is incredibly well thought through and engineered. Ride and handling are a revelation to people who have never driven a 2CV. Weight is down by a third and makes acceleration, roadholding and braking distances even better.

Luggage space for the Burton is large. Underneeth the rear hatch you have access to a space of 610 litres. Under the bonnet there is another 100 litres available for storing like for example tools or a tent.

The hardtop and heater make the Burton ready for the winter. Gullwing doors ensure easy access and can be removed easily and stored in the boot. The car has been tested in snowy conditions.

Unique Burton
The possibilities of giving the car it's own look, according to your taste, are limitless. The colour is moulded into the body and can be any RAL colour you wish. There is a choice between normal wings or cyclewings, full windscreen or aeroscreens, 2CV dashboard or VDO gauges. You can have standard 2CV wheels or the special Burton wheels, reminiscent of Bugatti wheels of the 20's and 30's. Interior and body can be made to your taste and budget. Check our website for all the details on different options, or use our configurator to choose a colour-scheme.

The performance of a Burton is as can be expected from a sportscar. Even with the standard 2CV engine, the car is quick. This is due to the low weight, aerodynamic shape and good handling of the car. Fitting bigger cylinders, racing camshaft, electronic ignition and lightened flywheel, can improve performance further.

Building manual
Today you can find our newest and most detailed builders manual on the web. We up-date the manual so all the ways of building are the most recent and easy. There are pictures and drawings to clarify possible difficulties. Have a look at www.burtoncar.com and you’ll find the manual there.


Price from:            4.299 euro
Fuel consumption:    1:20
Road tax:            € 90,00 a year (Netherlands)
Insurance:            € 60,00 a year (Netherlands)
Maintenance:        simple and cheap
Handling:            excellent
Glassfibre body:        easy to fit/every RAL colour available
Luggage space:        710 litres
Heater:                suitable for all 4 seasons
Roof:                hardtop with gullwing doors and/or softtop


Burton is an internationally registered trademark

Can you build your own car?
Building your own sportscar is an adventure many people dream of when they are young. The courage, money and decision-making authority were not there when you were young. Now that has changed. Now you decide about the pleasures in life. You don't have to be an experienced mechanic to build a Burton. All it takes is a little common sense, the right motivation, some standard tool equipment and the builder's manual. Building a Burton takes about 100 hours, depending on your skill and experience, the condition of the donor vehicle, the number of accessories and the level of finishing. During the building process, Burton Car Company can give you advice, tips and parts, as you need them.

The first phase is the dismantling of the donor vehicle and preparing the rolling chassis. After that, fitting the body, finishing the interior and finishing the car.

The Burton Parts pricelist can be downloaded here. Items underlined are our packages, which include the parts marked with an asterisk.

Do everything yourself:
This means you buy a donor-2CV and dismantle it yourself. You can search for a donor car on sites as Ebay, or contact Burton Car Company as we try to have donorcars on stock. After breaking down the donor vehicle you can start building the rolling chassis of the Burton. In 95% of the cases the original chassis is rusty and needs to be replaced. New chassis are available.
After building the rolling chassis, you can pick up the Burton-body. At this point you have to think about the options and accesories you want to put on your car. The parts for completing the body are sold in packages. See our pricelist. Put the body onto the chassis and complete it with what's necessary and what's diserable.

Buy the rolling chassis:
In this case you don't buy a donor car. Burton Car Company supplies you with a complete overhauled rolling chassis with license-papers. Such a rolling chassis is depicted on the right. You can start right away with building the Burton body.
The parts you could use from a donor-2CV for the Burton are included with rolling chassis. For example, the rear couch of the 2CV and rims of de 2CV.

Complete car:

We always have several complete used cars on stock. Look in the 'Occasion' section of this website for our actual collection.

Built to order:
You can have your Burton (or a part of it) built to your specification. There are many options and accesories to consider, which makes is extra fun to compile the car! Experienced mechanics, specialised in building Burtons, take care of the fit and finish of your car just the way you want it!
Contact us for more information.