2CV Overhaul workshop & 2CV Tuning

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Burton Car Company has the best 2CV overhaul workshop in the world. Under our brand name ‘Burton 2CV parts’ we overhaul a range of 2CV parts, including 2CV engines, 2CV gearboxes, 2CV crankshafts, 2CV camshafts, 2CV brake callipers, 2CV brake drums, 2CV cylinder heads, 2CV steering racks, 2CV front axles and 2CV rear axles.

More information: info@burtoncar.com


2CV Tuning

The 2CV tuning department has plenty of experience of tuning 2CV boxer engines.

Hourly rate tuning: €75.00 including VAT

More information: info@burtoncar.com


Power bench day

Together with the Burton Owners Club, Burton organises a power bench day several times a year. Your Citroën 2CV, Burton or Lomax receives the ideal adjusting with 3 runs on a professional power bench. Tinker on your own car under supervision and together with other 2CV / Burton drivers. This is really fun and educational. At low cost you go home with on average 15% more power. Keep an eye out for the next power bench day.