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With their passion for car design and technology the brothers Dimitri and Iwan Göbel established their company in 1993; first as Duck Hunt, but in 2000 the company was renamed to Burton Car Company. Their love for the Citroën 2CV began to grow in their student years. Dimitri graduated at the academy of art and Iwan graduated at the school for business. This mix is also the fundings of their company. Where Dimitri designs, Iwan is the one who does the marketing. Soon a 2CV was changed into a pick-up or a Lomax. During the years, hundreds of Lomaxes and pick-ups were sold.

In March 1999 the brothers opened one of the biggest 2CV shops in the Netherlands. In 2001 the company had grown into one of the best and most successful 2CV shops in the world. The company includes an online shop, a workshop, a special parts department, an overhauling department, and a showroom.

At the end of 1998 the begin of designing a new sportscar was made. For this, the chassis of the 2CV was used once again. May 2000 saw the official introduction of the Burton! Today, Burton Car Company is the largest sportscar manufacturer in the Netherlands.