Luggage space

Luggage space,

600 Liter

Kit starts at

Kit starts at,

€ 4499,-

Low expenses

Low expenses,

Tax free

Burton Wireframe



Leg space

Leg space,

Suitable for everyone




This is the Burton

Forget what you think you know about sports cars. Forget flappy pedal gearboxes, electronic aids and hundreds of horsepower. Driving a Burton is driving at its purest. Only you and the car. No power steering to filter out the feeling, no ESP to keep you on the road and no air conditioning to keep your head cool. Lightweight and with a low centre of gravity, so even the small standard engine offers more than enough sensation. Not that that should stop you from picking up a little more power from the two-cylinder, of course. For that reason we have a big bore-kit, power tube and modified exhaust systems in our range. That way you can be just a little faster.

Ever heard of a sports car with a boot as big as a Skoda Octavia Kombi? And then that Czech space miracle doesn't even have an extra hundred litres of storage space under the bonnet. With a total of 710 litres of luggage space, the Burton is more practical than you think. Six cases of beer with you? It's possible. Three weeks camping? No problem. Crossing continents? Your Burton won't stop you. In order to open up as much and as often as possible, we've even developed seat heaters.

And for those who really want to drive Burton all year round, we've got an awesome hardtop with gullwing doors. Just because it's possible. Because we designed the car we wanted to drive ourselves, just like we challenged you to build the car you dream of. There's plenty of boring cars out there already. Those of you who don't want to stand out can better move on...

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