Burton #Classic 746

There is no need to start your vacation stressed, in long lines at the airport and then miss your flight, arriving at your hotel without any suitcases. You can also just buy this Burton, throw your (camping)gear in the back and start exploring the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. This Burton (and every other one in our range) is completely ready for it. And after your vacation, every mile you drive with it reminds you of all that pleasure. Technically, this car is a good basis, with a well-shifting gearbox and a revised engine. Of course it is also a great advantage that you can skip the dirty hands phase of the donor car and the construction of the chassis. Immediately you can drive and enjoy.

General Information

Registration numberPH-13-NT
Body number 746
Construction year30-06-1985
Conversion Year2007
MOT NL28-06-2024


ColorRAL 9005 | Black
Rims2CV| Red - Black
Decoration rubber wingsRed
WindshieldHigh Model | Alu


Engine:602 CC | Rebuild
FlywheelMachined Flywheel
Gearbox2CV6 Disk Brakes | Rebuild
Cable harnessBurton Car Company


SeatBench | Black + Red Skai Leather
Sidewall liningRed Skai Leather
InstrumentsTachometer, Speedometer, Fuel
Steering wheelSport | Skai Leather
Steering wheel quick release

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