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With the summer now gone it is almost time to make your car winter-proof. In this newsletter the usual news and highlights of the past weeks and ofcourse a couple of our new products. Read on...


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Like to win a prize without almost any effort? Pay attention. A weekend's drive in a Burton will be given away on Noverber the 1st. Everybody that 'likes' our Facebookpage participates. Don't miss this chance for a fun weekend and go to our page!

Tax-rate raised

Since the 1st of October there is a new V.A.T.-taxrate in the Netherlands. The taxes went up from 19 to 21 percent. Most of our prices are since then changed and are now up-to-date on our website.

2CV 24H Spa Francorchamps

From 26 till 28 October 2012 the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps will be completely taken over by 65 profassional 2CV-raceteams. For the third time this year there will start a Burton, entered by our REP S.M.D.W. and supported by Burton Car Company.
The atmosphere during this event is usually very friendly and spirited. That why you can walk around the (F1) pitboxes and look over the mechanics shoulder when they are changing the engine of one of the racers in the middle of the night. The is a meeting and campsite organized during the raceweekend (it can very COLD in the Ardennes), and there's always a nice turnup of good 2CV's. Plus, the roads around the circuit can providy lots of driving fun. The 2CV-race is definitively a good reason for a nice weekend away...

Hardtop Gasstruts

The Gas-filled springs on the hardtopdoors can cause trouble in winter times. A pressure of about 15 kg is needed, but the springs can slowly loose pressure. Then the doors won't stay upright anymore. Until the 30 of November you can get a refilled pair of struts for only 20 euro's.




A1.8140 SS first silences for 2CV6 and Dyane6.
This part is long-awaited. We needed extra time to ensure a good fit. The stainless steel will last forever. The silencer is available from 149 euro.

A1.6311 Windscreen wiper axle
Absolutely watertight. Nut and ring in stainless steel, slide-bearing in bronze (long lasting). Good fitting, nice looking! Only 39 euro!

A1.3197 Rear view mirror repair kit
The plastic rear view mirror can get filled with dus and the glass mirror will eventually degrade. With this kit you've got everything to bring your mirror back. The kit includes, trim-removal-tools, glass en mirror, and a plastic bevel so the mirror can be reassembled without anybody noticing.

A1.6101 Layered safetyglass
This layered safetyglass for 2CV is now a Burton 2CV parts product. Also availabe for Dyane.

A1.8350 Clutch disc in suspension cilinder 2CV
Now available on our webshop, inner dishes for the suspension pots.

A1.5710 and A1.5711 Clamps for securing the handbrakepads
The handbrakepads are sercured in place with 2 clips per caliper. So for one car 2 left and 2 right clamps are needed.

A1.1114 Brake and fuelline clamp
The plastic clips that where available for fixing the fuel- and brakelines to the chassis where brittle and did'nt held on the chassis so well. We came up with a product that is easier to attach to the chassis and that hold the lines a lot better. This Burton 2CV Parts product is now available!

A1.2381 M5 stainless steel studs for mounting the battery
In addition to the battery/voltage regulator mount (A1.2380), we also made the two studs that hold it to the firewall in stainless steel. Order them now for 9,95 euro.





The Burton Electric made the recordbooks as one of the 255 participants in the longest ever 'Electric Car Parade'?



The Burton Electric got it's definitive registration? Finally! It's become the 23-XHX-3.



After Burtonville was discovered, Theo van Kempen now has proof of another Burton-community...



The local population of Ibiza is also fond of the Burton as a wedding car?



This well was made possible with help of Burton Car Company?


..... We found a superb Citroën 2CV configurator online? The Burton can also be configured with it! Try the configurator here (works only in Internet Explorer)








More information:

2CV 24H Spa Francorchamps 26-10-2012 - 28-10-2012 Spa, Belgium
BCC Christmas holiday 22-12-2012 - 05-01-2012 BCC, Zutphen
nterclassics & Topmobiel 11-01-2013 - 13-01-2013 Maastricht
Newyears- and membersmeeting 19-01-2013 BCC, Zutphen
International 2CV meeting Spain 31-07-2013 - 04-08-2013 Spain




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