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2012 is already two months old, and a lot happened around here in that time. In this newsletter you read about all the new products that have been added to our assortment, about the general members meeting of the Burton Owners Club, and about the latest development from our tuning shop.


In this newsletter:






Do you dream about building your own Burton, or are you still in doubt whether to buy one or not? Burton Car Company organises a day with different activities that all revolve around the Burton. These activities include; a guided tour and a presentation with co-founder and CEO of Burton Car Company, Iwan Göbel. You can take a test-drive, and get the real experience of the Burton cabriolet. The Burton Owners Club will also be present this day. This club exist through Burton Owners, and organises different activities, such as rally’s, workshops and tinker-days. A great number of Burton will be seen this day, so you can get a complete picture of the different possibilities.
Our salesmen are ready to share the passion they have for the Burton with you. After this day you will know everything you need to know about the Burton. We would like to see you the 9th of April in Zutphen.

Quaife differential

Ever heard of a Quaife Differential? The real car freak knows that this thing provides maximum grip in corners. The Quaife differential is so smart that the engine torque is always send to the wheel with the most grip on the road. So the traction of the driven wheels is much better transferred on to the road than with a standard differential. The Quaife differential is similar to a limited slip differential but is much more sophisticated.
The Quaife differential is available in a reconditioned gearbox which you can order in our shop. Do not complain (about the price from 989.95 euros) but race...

Burton with French registration for sale

For the first time in the history we now have a Burton on French registriation for sale. The Burton is equipped with a hardtop and lot’s of options. You can have a look at some pictures here. The car is for sale for 15.500 euro.

The Hague Bejing Challenge

Marc en Simon leave in a Burton for a 11.000 km long rally to the Chinese wall on 5 May 2012. They put in all their effort to raise as much money as possible for Terre des Hommes. Help Marc and Simon by buying their kilometres, and have a chance to win a holiday to China! Check here how you can contribute.

Tip for the Burton builder/driver

Sometimes we see cars with a nasty star in the centre of the hood where the gel coat has cracked. The inlet rubber is secured on the carburettor and the plastic airfilter housing with hose clamps. This is perfect, unless the worm wheel is pointed right up. Then the worm wheel could hit the bonnet when it gets closed, there is very little play between bonnet and air filter!
When the clamps of the rubber inlet are placed correctly, the bonnet will remain crack- and star free




A1.4337 Oil line for 2CV6 / A1.4340 Oil line for Visa
The availability of the oil line for the 2CV6 en 2 cylinder Visa has been a problem for years. Pristine and original parts become very rare, and imitation-parts are notoriously hard to fit. Time to get in action! We made both the 2CV and Visa oil line. By using a copper/nickel-alloy for material, and putting a lot of effort into making sure the fitment is right, we believe that we’ve made these oil lines better than they ever were. Price start at click here to order a oil line for a 2CV, click here to order for Visa.

A1.3178 Bonnet insulation
On long trips it’s comfortable to have the engine’s sounds muffled. Bonnet insulation can help a great deal with this. Our new bonnet insulation is self-adhesive, so easy to fit.
This article is available for just € 29,75.

A1.4360 Fan pulley
The plastic ventilator is fixed onto a metal pulley, which also drives the alternator. The pulley itself is fixed on the crankshaft. There were a lot of different qualities and versions available, none of which really pleased us. We’ve developed a pulley that will fit any 2CV4 and 2CV6. This is for sale for € 44,99

A1.1349 Bumper bolt stainless steel
These shiny M7 bumper bolts are now reduced in price: From 2,50 now for just 1,49 euro!
Fit on to a 2CV, (Aca-)Dyane and AD bumpers.

A1.3904 Wheel bearing 2CV
The development department of Burton Car Company focused its attention on the 2CV wheel bearing. We’ve come up with a wheel bearing that is almost equal to the known SKF wheel bearing concerning quality, but costs only half of the SKF bearing. The most important innovation is that this bearing will resist both upwards en sideways loads. This product is available for just € 19,75

A1.5337 Pushrod tube seal
It can be very frustrating when a pushrod tube seal start to leak. But the amount of work that goes into changing one is usually what gets you. Through great differences in temperature and under influence of oil, the rubber seal will harden and start leaking quickly. Burton 2CV Parts decided to replicate an original 2CV6 pushrod tube seal with a new material. We choose Viton, because it shares properties with the original rubber, yet is known in car- and airplane manufacturing for is excellent heat- and chemical resistance. Solvents and fuels won’t deteriorate Viton. Replace your leaking seals with ones and head for a leak free future. The pushrod tube seals are € 7,50 a piece. Order right away? Click here

A1.8592 / A1.8593 Bracket for indicator Stainless steel Right / Left
The front indicators of the 2CV are being held by a bracket. These small bracket have a tendency to rust. We supply the brackets in stainless steel. They cost € 7,95 each.

A1.1106 Gasket fuel pump fat
Situated between the engine and the fuel pump of a 2CV is a fat plastic gasket. In most cases, this gasket can be reused. When the gasket is cracked, it is better to be replaced as oil could get out of the engine. For long, new gaskets where nowhere to be found. Now Burton Car Company sells them for € 7,50.

A1.1115 Fuel filter plastic

A plastic fuel filter is easily inserted in rubber fuel pipe. It prevents zand and other stuff to get from the tank to the carburettor. Make sure to put the filter before the fuel pump.

A plastic filter is now available for just € 2,08.

A1.5776 Drum brake eccentric
The rear drum brakes are adjusted with two eccentrics. In total there are 4 of these eccentrics on one car, one for each brake shoe. Order right away? Click here. Price is just 3,45 euro per piece.

A1.8380 Dust cap rear swing arm
In order to keep the insides of the rear axles clean you need to fit a dust cap on to the swing arms. Untill now only pre-owned ones were available. We now made them brand new so you can get you car in perfect condition. The price is € 14,28.

A1.7112 Speed nut for rear wing
Four Speed nuts are clipped onto the rear wing, before you put the wing up to the car. From the interior of the car then 4 special bolts will secure the wing to the car. These speed nut as well as the special bolts are available from our web shop. They cost € 1,79 per piece.

A1.1537 Spacer, between rear axle and chassis
This aluminium spacer is used to put between the rear axle and chassis. It aligns the axle, and at the same time sets the ride height up correctly. Another function of the spaces is that the rear swing arm will rest on it as the wheels drop down to their lowest position. This piece is now available, all NEW! It costs € 11,90.

A5.0107 Pin for securing ventilation flap 2CV
The ventilation valve of the Deux cheveaux is stuck in the middle of the valve with a small locking pin. This locking pin is exactly reproduced, as well as the associated locking clip (A5.0106). Available for € 2.14.

A5.0594 Carburretor covering screw set
When we overhauled the carburetors there was always a short of M5 screws to cover the assembly. You can therefore now buy our new carburetor cover screws, buy a set of 6 pieces for € 9.98.





….. The 2CV Turbo engine already has made the first few meters?
….. Interclassics & Topmobiel allready yielded a new Burton driver?
….. We again have 28 new products within the past quarter?
….. The warehouse has become too small by 'Burton 2CV Parts'?
..... Our showroom is now lit with LED ligths?








More information:

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