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The weather spring could have been better, so our season has just started! Despite economical crisis and the bad weather we still sold enough Burton kits to survive the winter. Maybe that's logical with a fuelconsumption of 1 liter on 20 kilometers, exemption for road-taxes, and the fixed value of our cars. In the oncoming months we will be renovating and expanding our company as we've done the past few years. Continue to read on, we've got lots of news!


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Open Door Day on Sunday the 17th of June from 11:00-16:00h (Father's Day)

On Sunday the 17th of June is Father's Day and where can a father be really happy with? A day at Burton Car Company of course. Traditionally this means a day enjoying Burtons, a lot other 2CV-like cars, test-drives and of course a hot snack! Attend a workshop on how to polish a polyester car and come to see a demonstration of our Turbo-Burton and Quaiffe differential. Come to Zutphen with your Burton and join the 'Most beautiful Burton of the Netherlands 2012'! Make sure your car can be seen on the terrain from 13:00h onwards to take part. The Burton Owners Club organizes this completion. Don't miss our bargain-corner, where sportwheels, upholstery, hard- and softtops, prototypes and our top 10 products will be sold with big discounts!

The day's program:
11.30h Start, shop opens
12.00h Workshop by our polishguru
13.00h Tour for those interested in Burton, start election
14.00h Demontstration Turbo Burton with Quaiffe differential
15.00h Results Election 'Most beautiful Burton of the Netherlands 2012'
16.00h End Open Door Day, shop closes.

Siemens Netherlands gives away 8 Burton Electrics!

The coolest and largest Electric Car Build-off Battle has started! In collaboration with Siemens Netherlands, eight motivated teams started building the most environmentally friendly sportscar on the world. Follow the teams on facebook!

Shipping now much cheaper for webshop orders!

The shipping costs are greatly reduced by as much as 20-60%. Costs for delivering a 30kg parcel from the Netherlands to Belgium is only 8 euros. Shipping to Germany or Northern France costs about 9 euros, and a parcel up to 30 kg's for England or Switzerland will ship for 12 Euro. Spain, Portugal or southern Italy costs 18 euros. Remember that the shipping costs for a 1 kg parcel are just as high as for a 30 kg parcel, so don't hesitate to order bigger and/or heavier parts from our webshop.

What's wrong with this picture?

Burton reaches Beijng in Monsterrally

More than 12.000 km's went under the wheel of Marc and Simon's Burton as they finished today in Beijng, China! Great work guys! A lot of money was collected for charity (Terre des Hommes). Again the Burton shows it can compete with the best classic rally cars in the World, by reaching this destination without a single hiccup!
HBC2012 rally via Twitter#HBC2012

Tip for the Burton-driver; Power-test-day 8th of September 2012!

Our last power-test-day was a great succes with extreme gains in horsepower! On average, everybody went home with 15% more BHP, but more impressive; someone gained 69% on power! Do you want the most of your 2CV, Lomax or Burton, then this event is a no brainer. Fun, instructive and really not that expensive. Make an appointment for our next power-test-day on the 8th of September, by mailing to




A1.3135 Seat rubbers
Suspension rubbers for seats. It annoyed us bigtime. Rubber that snapped when you were just looking at them. We know that we could develop a better product, and so we did. The new rubber are stronger and just as elastic. On the Open Door Day the 17th of June you can swap broken rubber for our new ones, even if you didn't purchase them from us.

A1.5319 Rocker cover seal special 2CV
The mechanic will see why these gaskets are a pleasure to work with. Without glue of liquid gasket, this gasket will always seat properly and stay that way, and can be used multiple times. The article sold better than expected and will be back in stock from 23 June onwards. Be sure to get some! € 6,-/piece.


A1.3131 Parcel shelf
The parcel shelf of a 2CV is often consumed by sunlight. The imitation products that are on sale in cloth or vinyl also turn ugly when they see some sunlight for the first time. Now we have a shelf made of actual felt and thus indistinguishable from the original design. It's also resistant to UV-light. The introduction price is 35 euro .



A1.1781 Roofframe 2CV (partial Stainless Steel)
Recently, we added a roof frame powder coated with stainless steel brackets to our assortment. The quality is good and yes, it fits nicely. Price 29,75 euro

A1.4331 Camshaft 2CV6 new
We can make new camshaft that are identical to Citroën's originals. The gears are transferred with special machines and is done in-house. When purchasing a new camshaft, be sure to hand in your used part. Interested? Please contact us or order a new one straight from the website for 220 euro.

A1.7709 Steeringrack sliding block
The part that will wear the most significant in the steeringrack. The bronze imition was too soft. The original version in hardened steel Is nog available for 5,59 euro.

A1.2785 Helicoil repair set M7
Very useful for the do-it-yourselfer! For repairing M7 thread on for example the cylinder heads or other engine parts. Complete with tapping, metal drill and 25 heli-coils. Set price is just 30 euro.

A1.6302 / A1.6330 wiper blade / arm 2CV Stainless Steel
Now these stainless steel arms and blades are available in a black powder coat for that original look on your 2CV or Dyane.
A1.6302 Wiper blade, stainless steel, black 2CV Price 9.98 euro
A1.6330 Wiper arm, stainless steel, black 2CV Price 9.88 euro

A1.2757 Insulation Tape textile
This textile tape protects the wiring harness of your classic car, now also under our own label. Now half the price, just 5 euro per roll!

A1.9317 Nut for hubcap, Stainless steel
Now half price, for only 95 cents!

A1.2331 Voltage Regulator 2CV
Where others ask 25 euro for an electronic voltage regulator, we can sell them at 17.89 euro because we control production ourselves.

HY Exhaust Stailess Steel

Using our knowledge of stainless steel exhausts, we developed a beautiful HY exhaust that fits just perfect. Are we now into HY parts? No, this exhaust will remain the only HY part we manufacture for now, because the other exhaustsystems available are such a poor fit and too expensive.

1) Silencer + 1st bend SS 395 euro
2) Behind Pipe short SS 95 euro
3) Rear Pipe 2 parts long SS 175 euro



….. We now send parcels 6 days a week?
….. Iwan had 18 solar panels installed on his houseboat?
….. We finally acquired a valid registration for our Burton Electric in the Netherlands after two years?
….. The overhauling departement all ready grown so much that it's to small all ready?
..... The Burton of Iwan drove over 250.000km?








More information:

2CV Meeting Duitsland 25.07.2012 – 29.07.2012 Asbach, Germany
ICCCR UK 09.08.2012 – 12.08.2012 Harrogate, UK
Power test day 08.09.2012 Startrick, Gaanderen
24h Spa Francorchamps 26.10.2012 - 28.10.2012 Spa Francorchamps, Belgium


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