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The 8th day of March was the hottest day in over a hundred years, and with that spring has officially started.

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ICCCR 2016 in the Netherlands

In two years, the Citroën Worldmeeting will come to the Netherlands. This international event for all the different types of classic Citroën's will be held at the atmospheric Castle Middachten  in de Steeg (near the bigger city of Arnhem). The organizers expect a high turnout because of the great location with it's beautiful forests, great watersportactivity and luxury hotels. And it's only 20 kilometers away from Burton Car Company. There will soon be more information available at: of:

Shows coming up

The next few months will be marked by numerous fairs. When you plan to go to one of these fairs, we can take your (web) order there for free. Send us your order at pick it up at the fair, check our agenda for all events.

Pre-owned Burton's wanted

Boosted by a few exciting project abroad, we are again looking for used Burtons. Still a good 90% of all Burton-sales a done through Burton Car Company. We recommend sellers to contact Loek at We offer three options: purchase, exchange or consignment.

Rally Burton

More and more Belgians and Frenchmen buy a Burton because getting a registration has become much easier. We have just a delivered a Rally Burton to Charly Gotlib. This undisputed Rally specialist participated in the Dakar Rally 25 times, and won in 2007 with Hans Stacey in a truck. His Burton has dual side pipes, a carbon fiber dashboard, LED headlights with angel eyes and lots of rally equipment on board. Our mechanics are really proud of the result! We are very curious as to what Charly is going to do with his 500kg 'Rally' Burton.

Take-over Citron Pieces

Citron Pieces has been producing parts for various Citroën's for years. Burton Car Company took over the production of most of the 2CV-parts. Through this new cooperation, we will grow to be the largest 2CV-parts manufacturer within two years.

Burton Rental VIPday Saturday 17th May

More and more people want to start a Burton rental abroad. Especially on sunny islands this is very interesting! Due to the great interest on a Dutch emigration fair we will organize an information day on Saturday May 17. Send an email to  if you want to receive more information.

Open dag Sunday the 25th of May; Opening new shop

On Sunday, May 25th we will organize an old-fashioned open day where everyone is welcome! This time we open our new store with many one day specials for every 2CV fan! In addition there are: the election of the most beautiful Burton of 2014, the fries, the air-cushion for kids, several workshops and a crankshaft overhaul demonstration. You are welcome from 11am. The election ends around 15 pm and the doors close around 16 hours. More information at

Lawsuit lost

Last month we lost a lawsuit against DG Quality Parts regarding their copies of various "Burton 2CV Parts". The court decided that (legally) it were no copies. But don't get us started about the ethics of our "friends". More info in the newspaper article here.

Find the differences.....

We feel quite robbed, and will pull out all the stops to prevent this in the future. So we'll start with a lowest price guarantee on the following products: Exhaust clamps special 47 (A1.8140) and 49 mm (A1.8139), Sleeves for adjusting the track (stainless steel) (A1.7761), Exhaust air hose rubber (A1.8912) and chassis 2CV cataphoresis.

Built top tip: Make your own wind deflector

Sometimes we see Burton's driving around with wind deflectors. Sadly we don't have them in our assortment but according to Burton owner Kees Flink (nr. 735) its easy to built them your self! You find the instructions in Dutch here.


Our 'Burton 2CV Parts" are now sold all over the world to 2CV-specialists. To strengthen our market position, we will increase our production significantly! The following products have been added to our range:

A1.6332 Wiperarm Mehari RVS black / A1.6304 Wiperblade Mehari Stainless Steel

Now also available for Mehari ,our stainless steel wiper blades with stainless steel arm for an affordable price off € 29,95 per set

A1.6333 Wiperarm Dyane RVS black / A1.6304 Wiperblade Dyane Stainless steel

Also for the Dyane or Acadiane is a complete set of stainless steel but € 29,95

A1.7140 Mudflap Dyane/Aca

Finally a good mud flap for the Dyane or Acadiane. This flap costs € 8.50 each.

A1.8130 Heat shield stainless steel hand brake cable

 The handbrake cable can melt in the heat of the exhaust. To prevent this, Citroen mounted a small heat shield made ​​of ordinary steel. Because it does not fit our special exhaust clamps, we have designed a stainless steel shield that will fit all clamps. Now from € 12.50 for just 9.50 Euros!

A1.3185 Pedal rubber round old model
Especially for the older models, we now have a pedal pad for an old model 2CV.
Price per piece € 2,55 euro

A1.8571 Horn 2CV
The imitation horn that was on sale for a 2CV was an embarrassment, because it sounded like the horn of a moped. We now offer a horn with the right connector and mounting hole, which will deliver a natural sound. All for just a tenner!

A1.2767 Special cap for rocker bolts 2CV

We have been using a special socket for the rocker arm bolts for a long time. Now it's also available in our store for €35,-

A2.3717 Throttle cable Burton renewed

Again, we have enhanced the throttle cable for the Burton. It now has a special nipple for adjustment, and a extra rubber. Price only 10 euro

A1.4379 Overhauled crankshaft 2CV6
We are very proud of our overhauled crankshaft. We grind all bearing journals with great precision, up to 0.001 mm! Then the journals are polished and we also restore the micro turbine (instead of just replacing the seals). We also take extra care when weighing the connecting rods, making our crankshaft better than the original. All this means that our overhauled engines fly the World over in large numbers. Watch this movie on Youtube. Do you want to install a crankshaft or camshaft? See the detailed instruction video.




….. Charly Gotlib took part in Paris-Dakar with a Citroën Visa?
….. The Burton Owners Club has a lot of fun drives and events planned for 2014?
….. The overhaul workshop had to be expanded again?







More information:

Power test day 19-04-2014 Terborg
Citromobile 03-05-2014 t/m 04-05-2014 Haarlemmermeer
Burton rental VIP day 17-05-2014 BCC, Zutphen
Open day BCC 25-05-2014 BCC, Zutphen
2CV National meeting France 29-05-2014 t/m 01-06-2014 Saint Dizier
2CV Meeting Germany 24-07-2014 t/m 27-07-2014 Hofheim am Taunus
Eurocitro 08-08-2014 t/m 09-08-2014 Le Mans
ICCCR 2016 aug 2016 De Steeg




Dakar rally 1987 (Charly Gotlib behind the wheel of a Visa)

Rocker cover cake with just a nip of synthetic oil

Burton adverts even during the Olympic games


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