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Due to the fast growing of our company and high work pressure we are forced to go from 6 to 4 newsletters a year. This means that they do contain a lot more news and we hope you'll enjoy reading it.

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Facebook has been the fastest growing internet medium of the last ten years. You can keep in touch with your friends, family and off course your favourite hobby's. Burton Car Company has been on Facebook for a couple of years now and found over 1000 followers since. When you want to be the first to know that a new pre-owned Burton is for sale or a new product is added to the range? 'Like' us by going to our page!

2CV Worldmeeting Alcaniz

In August the 2CV World Meeting was being held in Alcaniz, Spain. Burton Car Company was present with a big trade stand and 2 truck loads of parts. Sadly the event wasn't very successful due to the heat and there were only 2500 cars. With no shadow and 43 degrees it was not much fun for the visitors. Hopefully the World Meeting in Poland in 2015 will be better and we are also looking forward to 2016 when the ICCCR is being held in the Netherlands. Go to our Facebook page for more picture of the event.

Reconstruction of our shop and new storage facility

After the built of our new overhaul workshop last year it now time to expand our shop and storage facility. Due to a continious growing assortment of parts and demand we are in desperate need of a reconstruction of the shop. The old overhaul shop will be transformed and added to the shop. In the other building we have added 300 square metres of storage to house all the new parts. We hope to have it all ready for the spring next year.

The bronze horse of Henk Göbel fully restored, protected and reinstalled

The statue of the horse made by the recently passed away dad of Iwan and Dimitri was stolen in 2012. In January this year the statue was found but cut in pieces. The municipality gave Iwan and Dimitri the job to restore the statue. During the restoration the two brothers came to idea of a anti theft system for statues. This idea is developed into a product and launched in to the World as 'TRECCO'. The horse is revealed on the 20th of June by the mayor. For more information go to

2CV-24H-race of Spa-Francorchamps

On 19 and 20 October the famous 24h of Spa Franchormaps is being held with only 2CV's on the start line. Over 60 teams have entered in this competition. During a 24 hour race these teams have to compete against each other but also against sleep, failing parts, tyres and time. Burton Car Company is present on the trade area with a stand full of nice parts. So put on a warm jacket and drive to Spa on Saturday the 19th of October and have the race experience of a lifetime.

Rotterdam Cityracing

The ESCBO competition of Siemens and Burton was won by WP Haton and Fontys University. As a grant final all of the 6 teams were invited to drive alongside formula one cars and rally cars during the Rotterdam Cityracing. Check out the video of the ESCBO competition here.

Citron presse 2014

On 28-31 May 2014 the Citron Presse is being held. A true rally for Citroën enthusiast that goes through the nice parts of North France. For more information check




Since our last newsletter over 25 new products have been added to the range. This is a selection of the best ones:

A1.6522 High beam switch
A standard accessorie of a German 2CV but might be handy for your 2CV as well. Now available for only 6,05 euro.

A1.4389 Oil dip stick holder NEW
For years we have had a problem of finding good dipsticks. Finally we decided to develop our own especially for the overhauled engines. Now for sale at 21,50 euro.

A1.4456 Oil filler revision kit NEW
A broken oil filler often results in a leaking engine. Many different new fillers are for sale but none of them meet original quality. We think we found the solution by restoring the original filler unit with a kit of rubber seals and a neat nut system to close it up. Check out the video that explains it all. The set price is 49,95 euro.

A1.6311 Oil filler manometer NEW
In order to check if your oil filler unit works properly you need a manometer. We have made one for only 15 euro which you hang on your bonnet and check if the filler unit works!

A1.8329 Suspension cylinder 2CV stainless NEW
Completely new suspension cylinder kit. New springs, rods, inside covers and exterior in stainless steel. So no more problems with exchange parts and reconditioned ones. Price per piece 189 euro.

A1.5707 Brake pads ceramic NEW
This is no joke! We have developed ceramic brake pads for the 2CV. Longer lifetime, more brake power and all this for only 15,95 euro per set!

A1.5885 Disc brake cooling set NEW

In order to keep you disc brakes cool you need the original cooling system but in most cases the covers or tubes are gone. We have made the complete set new in original quality! For 75 euro your can fit your 2CV with a disc brake cooling set. The parts are also sold individually.

A1.5744 Brake line seal rear axle
In the middle of rear axle 2 brake lines come out of it. Originally a rubber seal was fitted but in most cases these are worn or gone. We have this now available for 2,50 euro.

A1.7754 Track rod end 2CV
Track rod end with the correct thread and a modification to fit a spanner. Top quality for a good price of only 18,90 euro.




….. The Burton approval had gotten much easier in Belgium because of regulation changes?
….. A Burton driver is going to try to break the record for driving as fast as possible from the South of Africa to London?
….. We have sold all ready 72 winter tyres before the first snow?







More info:

24H Spa Francorchamps 18-10-2013 - 20-10-2013 Spa, Belgium
Power test day 26-10-2013 Startrick, Terborg
Holidays (BCC closed) 24-12-2013 - 04-01-2014 BCC, Zutphen
Interclassics & Topmobiel 17-01-2014 - 18-01-2014 Maastricht
New Years reception n.n.b. BCC, Zutphen




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