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The snow has only disapeared just yet and the spring is on its first legs. But it is time to get the car's out for a drive. The most of them have been in the garage all winter and can be a bit grumpy. To get a smooth start we have a couple of tips that can find further on in this edition of the Newsletter. This edition has a lot of news, facts and information to share with the World so what are you waiting for? Have fun!

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Upcoming season, what's on the agenda?

There is lots to do for a Citroen enthusiast this season. In May there are two events next to each other with only a couple of days between. CitroMobile is first in the weekend of 4th en 5th of May again in the Expo centre at Vijfhuizen. CitroMobile is a big event for the Citroën enthusiast. The weekend after that is the National meeting in France. This years National is held from the 8 till 12 May near Le Mans. Last year there were 3.500 2CV's to see and lot's of events, shops and all this in the lovely French countryside.

In the middle of the Summer it again time for a World meeting for 2CV's.. Always a big happening, remeber the one in Salbris two years ago? Around 7000 2CV's at the same please! You don't want to miss that do you? This year's World Meeting is held in Alcaniz, Spain. A terrific reason to plan a holiday to Spain this year!

Burton Car Company is expanding big time

The car industry is on rough grounds at the moment and we decided to expand big time! Because there is a high demand on good quality parts and overhauled engines, gearboxes and other stuff we had a big ware house problem. Adding a whopping 3000 square metres of storage and expanding the overhaul workshop 3 times we hope to have enough space for the next couple of years. We will open the new storage and workshop on the next open door day on the 30th of June. In the fall we will also expand our shop.

Martin's 15th year on the payroll of BCC

Our first employee is celebrating his 15th year working for Burton Car Company. This picture was taken in 1998 when he was doing the real work and got his hands dirty. Good times!

HKVHKD rally 2013

The HKVHKD rally is maybe the toughest rally in the Netherlands and is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year. In the first weekend of March 40 Burton's and their equips drove to Sauerland and spend the weekend racing around. The finish on Sunday was at Burton Car Company in Zutphen. Probably the most curious rule is that a roof is not allowed and will cost you the maximum amount of penalty's. With 40 centimetres of snow it was a rally to remember.. Luckily we still have the pictures: the top



A1.1114 Brake and fuel hose clip special

As a replacement for the original clamps sometimes fall of. With the special hooks it stays clipped in the chassis. Price 1,50 euro per piece.

A1.5360 Valve seals set

Does your 2CV blast out blue smoke when you start it up? You might have worn out valve seals. The oil drips in the engine room and causes blue smoke when you fire it up. These seals are made from Viton rubber instead of Nylon. So they it up properly. Price 7,95 euro.

A1.9315 Hub cover bolt stainless steel

A real eye catcher are the hubcaps of a 2CV. To finish it of you need a nice looking bolt. Now available in stainless steel. Price 2,75 euro per piece.

A5.0908 M9 Lock washer handbrake eccentric
Special lock washer for the handbrake eccentrics. Price 0,90 euro per piece.

A1.4352 Oil cooler 2CV6

Our own oil cooler for the 2CV6 engines is now available for just under 50 euro. A good reason to replace it when reconditioning your engine. Price 49,50 euro.

A1.8357 Tie-rod, short front / A1.8355 Tie-rod, long rear

New tie-rods available. Same look, strength and fitting as original. Price 12,95 euro per piece.

A1.8329 Central suspension cylinder 2CV New

Not a reconditioned one but brand new. So no deposit and sending the old system back. You just buy it new! Isn't that great? Price 189,99 euro. Note. The central suspension cylinders are still available as a recondition part (A1.8321) price then is 149 euro per piece.

A5.0130 Dashboard parker 2CV stainless steel

Dashboard parkers weren't available anymore so why not make them new and even better? Stainless steel and black coating. Identical to the original. Price 0,80 euro per piece.

New key chains added to the assortment!
We have had a lot of positive response on our key chains so we added the following icons to our range: DS, HY, Ami, Mehari and Traction. Price? Just under 6 euro. the top



….. The recondition lads ‘Theo and Alex’ now have their own roughness measure equipment?
….. We are developing a tailor made suit for the 2CV?
….. Our mechanics 'Peter and Robert' are rebuilding a 2CV for the USA?
..... Some Electric Burton's in the ESCBO project get rear wheel drive?

Hope this comes out soon!

Emma Watson (know from Harry Potter) doesn't mind posing with a 2CV..

A Burton from Ducks United in the movie ‘Verliefd op Ibiza’

Miss Holland (Natalie den Dekker) poses with the Burton from Anton and Carla Fens: the top








More information:

BCC closed (Queen's day) 30.04.2013    
Citromobile 04.05.2013 - 05.05.2013 Vijfhuizen
National meeting France 08.05.2013 - 12.05.2013 Lavaré France
I-want-a-Burton-VIP-day 26.05.2013 Zutphen
Open door day 30.06.2013 Zutphen
2CV World Meeting Spain 31.07.2013 - 04.08.2013 Alcaniz, Spain
24h Spa Francorchamps 11.10.2013 - 13.10.2013 Spa Francorchamps, België the top


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