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6. Wiring harness


1. Introduction

2. Which donor car?

3. Dismantling donor

4. Assembling the chassis

5. Mounting the body

6. Wiring harness

7. Uniting the body and the under carriage

8. Interior and front

9. Adjustments

10. SVA-test

11. Hard-top

12. Extra's

13. Checking and overhauling

14. Brakes

15. Engine

16. Soft-Top

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In order to meet our customer requirements we developed a complete cable harness for the Burton.

With the cable harness it is possible to fit the following gauges:

- Speedometer Burton and MMB (mechanical)
- REV-counter Burton and MMB, connected on the ignition.
- Battery voltage gauge Burton and MMB.
- Fuel gauge Burton and MMB.
- Oil pressure gauge Burton and MMB.
- Oil temperature gauge Burton and MMB.
- Ampere gauge Burton and MMB, connected with 2 ring connectors.
- Clock Burton and a radio.
There are also connections for the instruments lights.

The following control lights are pre-wired in the cable harness:
- Oil pressure
- Brake fluid
- Indicator
- High beam
The Burton speedometer gauge houses three control lights (oil pressure, brake fluid and indicator).

The following switches are pre-wired in the cable harness:
- Windscreen wiper switch
- Light switch
- Indicator switch

- Ignition lock

- Starter button (optional)
- Demister switch
- Windscreen washer button

A part from this the cable harness is prepared for all the standard lighting (headlights, taillights, indicators front and rear, brake lights, interior light etcetera.)

Connection in the engine room:
- Starter engine
- Alternator
- Voltage regulator
- Brake fluid indicator
- Ignition coil
- Triangle (towing equipment) connection

We have also taken into account the following sensors:
- Oil pressure sensor
- Oil temperature sensor
- Stock 2CV fuel level sensor

The cable harness is prepared for the following accessories:

- 12v-connection in the interior
- Trailer connector for towing with a triangle. Connector can be mounted on the bulkhead.
- Light in boot space
- 3rd brake light

The cable harness is both prepared for the original ignition and electronic ignition.


>>Unwrapping the harness

>>Rear side of the car

>>Fuel gauge sensor



>>Indicator lights

>>Brake light switch

>>Engine bay

>>Lighting front

>>The seperate cables


>>Cable harness

Wiring harness
Wiring harness

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