2CV Pick-Up

Company car at almost no cost
The 2CV Pick-up is a 2CV that is easily transformed into a wonderful workhorse. Dimitri Göbel designed the car in 1995. It was originally meant as a vehicle for the Duck Hunt company. Because of popular demand a mould was made and the Pickup was being sold as a kit.

The glassfibre roof is glued to the front end of a 2CV. Donor vehicles can be rotten at the rear but must have sufficient strength in chassis and front end. The glued roof provides strength and rigidity to the body.

Loading platform
Burton Car Company can provide you with a standard loading platform. You can also fit anything of your own design to the back of the chassis. Consult your department of motor vehicles for the exact measurements and load capacity allowed. Check the shop for prices of kits.

Build it yourself
The Pick-up is supplied as a kit. Building one is simple, although some welding is required. Help from the crew of Burton Car Company is available. Prices depend on time spent.

The glassfibre roof is only € 999,00. Besides that you will need a good donor vehicle, with front bodyparts without too much rust. The necessary changes to the front doors can be made by Burton Car Company at a price of € 100,00 a door. A standard loading platform, made to fit costs € 599,00. This does not include the floor. Rear mudguards are from a trailer. Realistic estimates of the cost are about € 1500,00 to € 3500,00 excluding paintwork.